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ZERO Additives, No GMO's, No MSG, No Sugar, No Corn Products, No Gluten - Just Fresh Made to Order Spices!

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What's the Big Deal ?

Take a glance at the ingredients list of any store-bought spice bottle, and you'll likely uncover a disconcerting array of additives. MSG, excessive salt, sugars, fillers, and GMOs—ingredients that have no place in our spice racks.

These unnecessary additions not only compromise our health but also inflate the product's weight and cut corners on quality.

Need more evidence? CLICK HERE.

An alarming study found that 'almost 90 percent of them contained at least one bulking agent, with a median level of adulteration of 50 percent! Shocking, isn't it? Do we truly want to nourish ourselves and our families with such compromised products? Now that you're aware, it's time to elevate your seasoning game with our pure, artisan-crafted blends.

We meticulously source all our spices and herbs from their purest origins, partnering with local, certified suppliers and farmers. Our commitment to freshness is unwavering—we procure fresh ingredients and meticulously dehydrate them in-house to uphold the highest standards of quality control.

Supporting local Canadian growers is at the heart of what we do, championing those who prioritize quality over quantity.With our spice blends, all the hard work is done for you. Experience nothing but the finest quality, straight from our kitchen to yours.

Mean Meat Rub
Rishawn Gowler President

Our Story

What is 'Gyaldem Kitchen'?

"Gyaldem Kitchen" is a homage to my roots and my passion for cooking. In Jamaican Patois, "gyaldem" refers to one or more girls. When I launched my TikTok channel, I chose the name "Gyaldem Kitchen" to reflect the essence of me, the "gyaldem," cooking in the kitchen.

Hailing from Spanish Town, Jamaica, I was fortunate to learn cherished traditional Jamaican recipes from the matriarchs of my family. These recipes, passed down through generations, form the heart and soul of Gyaldem Kitchen.

At Gyaldem Kitchen, we're all about authenticity and quality. We exclusively use locally grown organic herbs and spices, combined with our family's time-honored recipes.

Our spice blends are a celebration of tradition and heritage. Crafted with care using the same traditional methods passed down by our ancestors, they embody the true essence of Jamaican flavor—authentic, vibrant, and unforgettable.

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