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Our Chipotle Lime has a deep smokey flavor (we smoke it in house with fresh Chipotle Peppers) with a hint of sweet lime (we peel our own limes) for that perfect balance of heat, smokey, tangy and sweet. It has tons of uses - Salsa, mayo,  steaks, tacos, pork, fish, rice, chicken - all with incredible results.  


This is a labour intensive seasoning to create as we have to peel hundreds of Limes and smoke an equal amount of fresh Chipotle Peppers. But it is more than worth the effort because you get to taste what Real Lime Chipotle is intended to be. With all our seasonings, we do everything by hand paying close attention to flavour balance and using only the best ingredients. 

Lime Chipotle

SKU: 7859458
C$15.00 Regular Price
C$9.98Sale Price
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